Higher, faster, easier, modern stage technology has complex demands. The HOAC system frames is the perfect solution for these requirements. Accessories that are adaptive to all kinds of stages and scenery offer a good solution, while protecting your budget.  The perfect alliance of sustainability and flexibility. A modular framing system with compliant accessories allows for faster set-up time and reduced manpower. When the project is finished, HOAC system frames can be used for regular staging too.

Grandstand load capacity 750kg/sqm

The basic element of the modular system is offered in many different sizes. System frames use a unique and intelligent connection to lock the frames together with inner tension without using tools.

For moving complete blocks of a grandstand, we developed the unique HOAC lifting roller. After connecting a defined quantity of lifting rollers into vertical frames the granstand is easily moveable by hand. This reduces set up time and allows for quick changes during intermissions.

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