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catalog 2022


We offer a great variety of specific articles for the theater and the spectacle; different types of wheels that adapt to your needs and with a high load capacity. Find our exclusive "Black Line" innovative in Spain.

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Stage Accessories

Unique and exclusive articles with intelligent solutions for the mobility and safety of the person, allowing to increase productivity in the sector. We also offer our own articles, which are created and innovated by our design and development department for theatres and shows that are non-existent in the field.

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There are different rigging needs, depending on the materials or load to support so we offer everything you want to find from ropes to motors. The lifting articles we offer are certified and reduce the risk. You can also find a wide range of innovative "Black Line" products.

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We offer a wide variety of tools and specific accessories for the theater and the show. Products with intelligent solutions for the mobility and security of the person, allowing to increase the productivity of the person.

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We have certified guides to perform flight effects and choreography areas. As well as guides for special effects and movements of curtains, screens and accessories. Currently they can be motorized or manual. There is the possibility of giving form to the guide. Guide systems are silent, fast and easy to assemble.

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In the stage sector the platforms are essential, we can offer two different lines of modular platforms to configure any type of stage from large assemblies to small events. All platforms can be used outdoors and have a large load capacity and are certified. Our technical department will help you to choose the line and design that adapts to your needs.

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We are working so the training section is not activated now,if you are interested in receiving training, please contact or call us on 938892742 for queries and advice on training.