The platform consists of:
- A frame system that serves to build stage and platforms of different measures and heights. The frames are made of certified aluminum, and on each meter of the frame there is an intermediate bar to support the wooden boards.
- The 21mm wooden board with 3mm of felt around prevent the sound transmission. In addition, to prevent movement, they have a locking device and a corner protection made of plastic with fiberglass.
- The extruded aluminum leg support can be located in the corner or along the frame.
- The aluminum leg can also be simple or telescopic depending on the stage you want. Each leg has a plastic cap on the bottom to avoid scratching the floor.
- The knob with the connecting block, are used to join the frames to each other, so you can build stages and platforms of different heights and sizes.

There are various possibilities to create the desired stage, that is why we have different accessories, for more information contact us.

If you want to see how easy it is to assemble a platform, click on the following video.

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